Services in Cypress, Texas

United Water Restoration Group of The Woodlands prides itself on our ability to offer friendly service from trained technicians. We offer top-of-the-line tools to tackle any situation at your property! We offer fire damage restoration, mold remediation, cleaning and disinfecting services, and water damage restoration in Cypress, Texas. Our team of trained and certified technicians are always standing by, ready, and able to assist you. 


Water Damage Restoration in Cypress, Texas

Whether you are dealing with a busted appliance, a pipe burst, or the aftermath of a severe storm, this situation poses a unique challenge for property owners. Our technicians can assist you with all your water damage restoration needs in Cypress, Texas. Water damage restoration services are generally your only option to return your property back to normal after a situation like this unfolds. Our water damage restorations in Cypress, Texas are available 24/7. We understand how these situations can happen during any time of the year and during any time of the day. You shouldn’t be left with an emergency situation on your own. Our technicians can be at your property and administer our water damage restoration services in Cypress, Texas in under an hour!



Fire Damage Restoration in Cypress, Texas

Fire damage is often disastrous even in smaller instances, it can leave behind ruinous smoke damage. Smoke damage can seep into porous materials and cause lingering damages and scents. Fire can cause extreme damage to many items around your property, including structural damage. Fire damage restoration in Cypress, Texas can assist in removing all noticeable signs of damage and returning your property back to normal. Whether you are dealing with extensive smoke damage or fire damage, we can assist you. Our fire damage restoration services in Cypress, Texas come with a guarantee. Our technicians are trained and certified to handle any level of damage and can assist you through the fire damage restoration process in Cypress, Texas!


Mold Remediation in Cypress, Texas

Mold spores are microscopic and are present in virtually every room. These spores can find their way into your property in many different ways. From an open window carrying spores in from a breeze to the clothes off your back. On average, there are anywhere from 500-700 spores in a room. These spores are typically harmless until their levels grow or they grow into mold colonies. Mold colonies can spread quickly and overtake a property in a matter of days to weeks. Mold remediation in Cypress, Texas can help solve this issue and return your property to normal. Our technicians are trained and can handle any size mold remediation in Cypress, Texas. Our mold remediation process in Cypress, Texas can tackle even the biggest outbreaks and can help solve the problem and prevent future outbreaks from occurring. 


Disinfecting & Cleaning Services in Cypress, Texas

We also provide disinfecting and cleaning services in Cypress, Texas. These services can be utilized by both home and business owners alike. They can add a needed layer of protection or a bright, cleaner property. Business owners can utilize our cleaning and disinfecting services in Cypress, Texas as a means of protecting employees and customers. These services can be used after a heavy traffic day or after a busy week. Homeowners can utilize our disinfecting and cleaning services in Cypress, Texas to protect those who depend on their property. Whether you need our cleaning and disinfecting services in Cypress, Texas for your business or home, our technicians can help.