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Our technicians with the United Water Restoration Group of The Woodlands, Texas will assess the water damage and clean up any standing water as soon as possible to prevent further structural damage. A little bit of water seems innocuous at first glance but can become disastrous quickly if left untreated. The longer the water sits on your flooring or continuously drips inside your home, the worse damage will form. This can create foul smells as well as unstable materials. Addressing the problem sooner rather than later is highly recommended. 

Water damage can come from many different sources, including leaky pipes or plumbing systems that are not properly installed. The longer you wait before addressing these concerns, the worse things will get with rising rates of corrosion. Mold can also be a product of unaddressed water damage.


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Common Sources of Water Damage

Given the diversity in origins and forms of water damage, the selection of a company for water removal and property restoration holds significant weight. A seasoned water removal service possesses the necessary tools to address various degrees of water damage and employs techniques to safeguard your property and possessions effectively. 

Heavy Rains
Sewage Backup
Burst Pipe
Appliance Failure
Water Damage Removal

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When disaster strikes, our water restoration technicians are there to help. United Water Restoration Group takes great care in stabilizing the environment by removing standing water with submersible pumps. We also use advanced equipment such as water extractors that extract all visible signs of moisture from your property. We keep your property dry using industrial dehumidifiers that will remove all lingering moisture from the room. All these processes leave you feeling safe — protected under a roof against future dangers without worrying about what’s happening outside! After the removal of all water and moisture from your property, we will spray antimicrobials to prevent mold. This final step helps ensure your property is protected against an outbreak of mold colonies.
United Water Restoration Group is a team of trained technicians who specialize in water extraction and mitigation services. We utilize the latest tools for any size home or commercial property that might be experiencing flood and water damage. A disaster can strike at any time. Call us right away before it gets worse! We guarantee customer satisfaction when we complete our work on your property because you deserve quick relief. To get started contact (281) 297-8500 now to speak with one of our expert restoration team members.

The Water Damage Restoration Process

Upon discovering water damage in your business or residence, swift action is imperative. Contact United Water Restoration Group promptly to initiate the water damage restoration procedure. Upon receiving your call, our team promptly dispatches to assess the property, pinpoint affected areas, and gauge the extent of the damage.

In our water extraction process, we employ top-of-the-line industrial-grade equipment such as pumps, vacuums, and extraction mats. Our objective is to swiftly eliminate all standing water to prevent additional damage and reduce costs.

Frequently, water damage results in the deterioration of the property’s building materials. In such cases, irreparable materials are extracted to mitigate the potential for mold growth.

Next in the process is drying and dehumidification. Once the building materials are taken out, we deploy blowers and dehumidifiers to eliminate any lingering moisture from the air. Our crew utilizes moisture meters to accurately assess the remaining water levels in specific matierals.

Upon completion of the restoration work, comprehensive documentation is compiles to provide a thorough overview of the entire process. This includes detailed reports, photographs of the restored areas, records of any warranties or guarantees provided, and any final recommendations for ongoing maintenance or preventative measures.

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"Scott is extremely knowledgeable about how to guide his clients through the process of remediation. His history of working directly with insurance companies allows him to be a tremendous resource when things are chaotic due to water damage. I have referred clients to him and they performed flawlessly."
"I cannot thank Scott enough. My washer flooded and he came right away to assess the situation. He got me taken care of right away, explained everything that was happening, explained next steps, and was very professional all throughout the process. Even better he worked with my hectic schedule to come over and remedy the situation. Scott went above and beyond most service companies in the business."

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