United Water Restoration Group of The Woodlands, TX

Water damage should only be fixed by professionals equipped to handle extensive damages. There may be lingering problems such as mold that can worsen the situation if they are not dealt with immediately. With professionals on the job, we know exactly what to look for in damage restoration. Our local team in The Woodlands, Texas is trained and certified at handling any category of water damage. If your property has been struck by severe weather damage or dealing with a burst, leaky pipe, or broken appliance we can assist. We are a full-service water damage restoration company that can help return your property back to its pre-loss conditions.

United Water Restoration Group of The Woodlands has technicians on standby for you 24-hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year. When it comes to controlling your water damage restoration project, the United Water Restoration teams put your mind at ease.

  • – Hardwood Floors
  • – Water Soiled Carpets
  • – Damaged Tiles & Flooring
  • – Water Damaged On Ceilings
  • – Water Damaged On Walls
  • – Water Damage In Basements
  • – Water Damage From Burst Pipes
  • – Drying Water Damage
  • – Water Damaged Roof

Fire damage is a devastating experience for any homeowner. It can strike without a single warning, wreaking havoc on your home. United Water Restoration Group’s fire damage service technicians are on-call 24 hours a day. We are open 7 days a week and we offer an immediate response in The Woodlands Area for all emergencies. You never have to worry about waiting too long for help. We can be at your property in under an hour!

The only thing worse than losing your property in a fire is not having it returned to its pre-loss conditions. Even with temporary arrangements, you can’t function as usual if the smoke and soot damage has ruined everything you need. Our fire damage restoration technicians can help restore your property back to its original condition. 

  • – Fire Damaged Property
  • – Fire Damaged Kitchens
  • – Cleaning Fire Damage
  • – Fire & Smoke Cleanup
  • – Fire & Smoke Damage
  • – Fire Damaged Roofs
  • – Removing Smoke Odors
  • – Fire Damage Repairs
  • – Odor Neutralization

The remediation of mold colonies should be left to a professional remediation team, such as United Water Restoration Group. The process involves breaking down what is left behind, cleaning, and disinfecting the affected area. Once all visible traces have been removed, new drywall or painting may be necessary depending on the extent of damage. In severe cases, mold can cause structural damage to ceilings, walls, and floors if left untreated – leading to costly repairs.

Leaving mold damage untreated can create health problems for you and your family. Mold is a living organism that propagates by releasing spores into the air, which are capable of causing illness in some people. The proper removal of the mold will prevent further indoor air quality problems, reduce property damage costs, lower insurance claims, increase home values. To guarantee effective remediation of the property it’s important to contact our experts near you in The Woodlands, Texas area as soon as a colony is noticed.

  • – Mold & Mild Removal
  • – Mold Damaged Walls
  • – Black Mold Removal
  • – Basement Mold Removal
  • – Mold Removal From Ceilings
  • – Mold Inspection & Testing
  • – Crawl Space & Attic Mold
  • – Toxic Mold Removal
  • – Mold Restoration & Abatement

Everyone has a role to play in preventing the spread of colds and the flu. Our disinfecting & cleaning services from United Water Restoration Group can help locations in The Woodlands, Texas area by preventing the spread of illness by removing germs, allergens, irritants, bacteria, and other pathogens from carpets and fabric surfaces.

We provide surface cleaning services for residential and commercial properties alike. These disinfecting services are essential to protecting the health of your employees and home life.

  • – Floors, Tile, hardwood, laminate, vinyl
  • – Flat surfaces: Countertops, furniture, desks, shelves, cabinets
  • – Access points: Stairways, door handles, Handrails, elevators, escalators, ACA ramps
  • – Walls, doors, ceilings, windows, blinds, Carpets, curtains
  • – Property and Contents