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Hidden Signs of Water Damage

It’s a question that you hope you’ll never have to ask, but the truth is water damage is one of the most common troubles a property owner will have to deal with. It’s important to recognize common signs of water damage wherever they may lurk so that you can properly confront them when issues arise. 

United Water Restoration Group of The Woodlands, Texas would like to take the time today to educate you on some of the more common signs of water damage because knowing what to look for can stop a water damage problem in its tracks before it has a chance to develop into a larger headache.


Common Signs of Water Damage

  • Stains

Have you ever left a glass of ice water on a table too long? Chances are if it’s wood, you’ll notice temporary discoloration in the wood as a result of moisture on the glass. When it comes to signs of water damage, you may see stains on woodwork. Whether it’s your floors, walls, or ceilings. Pay attention to corners of exterior walls, bathrooms, and window lines for this type of damage to rear its head.


  • Pooling

The most obvious sign of water damage is the active pooling of water. Pooling water in areas where it absolutely isn’t normal is an immediate red flag of water damage. It can often be traced to faulty appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, etc.) or leaking pipes. This could also be signs of structural damages or foundational cracks.


  • Mysterious Drip

It may be hard to listen to the sounds of a distant drip. Eventually, you will be able to have enough of a quiet moment to listen for any sounds of a drip. If you can hear something in the walls dripping, then you’ve spotted a definite sign of water damage. However, if you can’t hear a drip itself, look for unexplained increases in your water bill.


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These are just a handful of the more common signs of water damage that you may encounter as a property owner. If you find yourself dealing with one or more, make sure you have professionals in mind to aid in correcting the problem. 

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