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Should Water-Damaged Carpeting Be Replaced?

Carpet water damage can lead to a number of issues, such as mold growth, bacteria, structural damage, and foul odors. That’s why United Water Restoration Group of The Woodlands wants to cover the reasons why you should replace your carpet after water damage.

Reasons to Replace Water-Damaged Carpeting

There are no rules to tell you when you must replace water-damaged carpet instead of trying to restore it. Use these guidelines to determine if replacing your carpet is safer:

  • If water soaked through the carpet: The padding under your carpet protects the base flooring. After water damage, this padding can break, meaning you’ll have to replace it. In addition, water can soak through the carpet and padding to the base flooring, trapping moisture and causing damage like mold growth.
  • If the carpet is soaked for a long time: According to FEMA, it’s important to start the water removal and restoration process within 24 to 48 hours after an incident. This can help prevent mold or mildew growth. If your carpet soaks for 48 to 72 hours, it may be best to just replace the carpet.
  • If the water source could have bacteria: Some of the most common causes of water damage in The Woodlands include overflowing toilets, plumbing issues, and weather-related flooding. Carpets damaged by these water sources should be replaced to remove harmful bacteria that could impact your and your family’s health.
  • If your carpet wasn’t in good condition before water damage: If your carpet was old, stained, or ripped in places before the incident, consider boosting the look and value of your home’s space by replacing the carpets.
  • If your carpet smells: Water damage can lead to mildew and other sources of foul odors, and these can linger even after cleaning. 


The Best Way to Handle Water Damage in The Woodlands

There are many home remedies and store-bought tools and solutions you can use to try to restore your water-damage carpet. But to keep your home and family as safe and comfortable as possible, it’s best to go with water damage restoration professionals to inspect your carpeting and flooring, remove moisture, and help you determine if carpet replacement is the better option.

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