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Addressing Water Stains On Ceiling

Let’s say that you’ve just returned home from another long day at work. Your back is killing you and you want nothing more than to relax in your favorite spot in the living room and binge watch some television for a while. You happen to look up from your easy chair, and immediately feel your heart skip as you realize your ceiling appears to have been stained. Darkened edges lingering, you’re nearly certain it wasn’t there yesterday. 


A water stain on the ceiling is something nobody wants to see. It’s unsightly, and it’s also a sign of something else lingering beyond. Today United Water Restoration Group of The Woodlands would like to give you some insight into water stains on ceilings and the best approach in confronting them.


Dealing With Water Stains On Ceilings?

Water stains on ceilings, large or small, have something major in common; there’s moisture there that shouldn’t be. Whether from a leaking pipe, a broken water-based appliance, or even an external breach allowing rainwater in, the cause could be any number of things. The most important thing isn’t to panic, and not to assume that the source of the moisture is directly above the stain itself. The stain is a symptom, as such, it’s the least important part of the problem.

With most situations of water stains on ceilings, you’re going to want to call in professionals to determine the source of the moisture. A water stain on your ceiling means the water has to be coming from somewhere, and if it’s causing a stain it means it’s causing water damage elsewhere. This previously unseen water damage also promotes conditions for mold growth. 

It’s a disaster waiting to happen, and you don’t want a minor inconvenience to turn into something worse by neglecting to do anything. Professionals that deal with various types of water damage day in and day out can track the problem to its source, confront it head-on, and stop the problem dead in its tracks.


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United Water Restoration Group of The Woodlands is well trained and equipped to diagnose the source of any water stains on your ceiling and stop water damage at the source. 

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