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Water Removal & Extraction in The Woodlands, Texas

Water damage is caused by many different incidents within a house or commercial building, including storm flooding, burst pipes, and poor drainage systems. If any of these situations occur, your home or place of business needs water removal and extraction services. 

That’s why United Water Restoration Group of The Woodlands, Texas wants to talk about your options for water removal in The Woodlands, Texas, area.

What Is Water Removal and Extraction?

Water removal is the process of draining excess water from a water damage site. Restoration professionals use commercial-grade equipment to clean up any puddles, patches, or particles of water hiding in your home or commercial space, including in areas like:


  • Carpeting and other fabrics
  • Wood, tile, or concrete flooring
  • Subfloors under flooring planks and carpeting
  • Ceilings, walls, attics, and basements
  • Roofs

Why Are Water Removal Services Important?

Water removal and extraction is an essential step in the water damage restoration process that helps to reduce new or continuing mold growth or structural damage in a space. 


Water removal in The Woodlands, Texas, is a vital service when a home or commercial space experiences burst pipes that cause flooding and water damage in walls, ceilings, and floors. Ridding the space of excess water can help restoration professionals more quickly dry the space before and after cleaning, which gets you back into your home or office sooner.


The Houston, Texas, area, including The Woodlands, is home to a few areas prone to occasional flooding or have experienced flooding in the recent past during tropical storms, hurricanes, and other serious weather events.


What Is the Water Removal and Extraction Process?

These are the most common steps used by water removal professionals like United Water Restoration Group of The Woodlands, Texas:

  • Move out all items impacted by water damage or flooding.
  • Use moisture detectors, infrared cameras, and other equipment to find water inside walls, ceilings, and other hidden areas.
  • Remove water with submersible pumps and industrial wet/dry vacuums.
  • Assess water damage to carpeting and flooring, and safely discard these materials.


Who Can I Trust for Water Removal in The Woodlands, Texas?

If you need water removal in The Woodlands, Texas, trust the experts at United Water Restoration Group of The Woodlands to safely and swiftly assess the damage, extract excess water, and complete the process of rescuing your home or business from water damage. Call us at (281) 297-8500 today!

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